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Garment Care

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Upkeep of LVSH items


The properties of certain materials and/or certain product finishes (wrinkled, luster, etc.) are not designed to be permanent. Repeated washes will alter the clothes appearance over time. This is completely normal and gives the article of clothing its appeal and very special character.

Please be aware of the risk of color transfer in personal items of clothing due to fabric dye from our products. Please read the following instructions carefully:

*Care experts recommend dry clean as a primary option of upkeep for most LVSH garments. As a secondary option experts recommend patrons to machine wash in cold water with garments turned inside out and like colors. Followed by hang drying to preserve the unique LVSH fit and ironing if necessary.


Printed fabrics

The printing on these fabrics are applied using traditional methods. Slight variations may arise – the visual variations between printed fabric designs are a natural result of this manufacturing process.

* Avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight, artificial light or sources of high heat concentration.

Embroidered and/or sequined items

Embroidered details are created using traditional techniques, even though these deatils give products more character they tend to be very fragile.These items therefore need to be treated with care.

* Avoid allowing other objects to come in contact with your product in any way that could cause visible damage
* Avoid over-exposing your embroidered or sequined items to direct sunlight, artificial light or sources of high heat concentration.

Metal components

*   The metal components of your garment is of excellent quality and will develop a patina over time.

If you require any further information or have other questions in regards to product care and maintenance,please feel free to contact us at

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