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For your convenience

Covid-19 Response

We must care for ourselves

to care for others !


    For the safety of our production team and families during this Covid-19 pandemic, the manufacturing of LVSH™ Garments has temporarily ceased. We are currently limited to only the available inventory. Therefore many sizes and color options are currently unavailable and stock is rapidly decreasing. We understand how much of an inconvenience this may be for our valued customers, so we have implemented a Free Pre-Order option via our online site.


If there is a certain signature suit that you would like to purchase and it is unavailable, you are now able to submit a pre-order ticket which will grant you priority of that specific garment. At this time we do not have an expected time frame of completion as this epidemic is unpredictable, but once production proceeds you will be prioritized and alerted. No payment will be required until your order is ready.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and continued support.

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